Mark Readdie

Current Position: Director, Big Creek Reserve

Contact Information



BS University of California, Santa Cruz
PhD University of California, Santa Cruz (2003)

Research Interests

I have been involved in the development of the PISCO subtidal program since 1999, primarily in diver training and data collection at both UCSC and UCSB. Currently, I am working with the subtidal team to analyze long-term and large-scale biogeographic patterns of rocky reef communities along the California coast.

My dissertation work involved the investigation of the cause of vertical shifts in intertidal zonation along the coast in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. I used a long-term data set, focused monitoring, and experiments to determine the mechanism that caused unexpectedly large shifts in the upper limit of barnacles and algae on the shore. I have found that disturbance, followed by succession and variable recruitment may cause the upper limit of some species to shift dramatically over time.