Tish Conway-Cranos

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher NMFS, Seattle


BA Kalamazoo College
PhD University of California, Santa Cruz (2009)


Research Interests

I am interested broadly in the factors that drive ecological change in nature. These factors may be intrinsic such as the lifespan of dispersal potential of organisms or extrinsic such as the rate of input of new propagules (recruitment) to an area. Some of the most striking examples of ecological change over time occur after a disturbance (succession), and understanding the processes underlying differences in successional rates and trajectories will be useful for predicting recover rates after human-caused disturbances. My PhD research strives to understand the processes driving successional trajectories and recovery rates in the California rocky intertidal. To do this, I have made experimental disturbances across 2 biogeographic regions (North and South of Point Conception) in areas dominated by 4 common intertidal species: The California mussel Mytilus californianus , the acorn barnacle Chthamalus dalli/fissus, the rockweed Silvetia compressaand the red turf alga Endocladia muricata. I have been monitoring the recovery progress of these disturbances since Fall of 2003.