Ellen Willis-Norton


Ellen’s Website


Ph.D. Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, in progress, University of California at Santa Cruz (expected 2020).

B.A. Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies, 2012, Wellesley College

Research Interests:

I am generally interested in how the California Current Ecosystem is responding to climate change. My research currently focuses on assessing the vulnerability of west coast fisheries to climate change. I plan on studying how species’ habitat will shift with climate change and whether certain management tools can increase species’ resilience to a changing climate.

I am co-advised by Dr. Elliott Hazen who studies the effects of climate change on top predator habitat and biodiversity.


Willis-Norton, E., Hazen, E.L., Fossette, S., Shillinger, G., Rykaczewski, R., Foley, D.G., Dunne, J., Bograd, S.J. (2014). Climate change impacts on leatherback turtle pelagic habitat in the southeast Pacific. Deep-Sea Research II.

Sutton, R., Mason, S. A., Stanek, S. K., Willis-Norton, E., Wren, I. F., & Box, C. (2016). Microplastic contamination in the San Francisco Bay, California, USA. Marine Pollution Bulletin.