Mark Morales

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B.S. Environmental Systems; Ecology, Behavior, Evolution. 2014. UC, San Diego.

Research Interests

After obtaining a B.S. in Environmental Systems with an emphasis in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution at UC, San Diego and conducting two years of research at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I have developed research interests that are highly interdisciplinary. Broadly, I am interested in: 1) the effects of climate variability on the growth, recruitment, natural mortality, fishing mortality and distribution of commercial, recreational and ecologically important fishes within the California Current; 2) species interactions and food web dynamics; 3) single-species, multi-species and ecosystem-based fisheries modeling; 4) fisheries acoustics; and 5) sampling theory. My research aims to produce sound science that can be operationalized by resource managers. Additionally, I am very fascinated with scientific editing and welcome my fellow classmates, advisors and teachers to contact me for their editorial needs.

As a first year graduate student (2015-2016) at UC, Santa Cruz, co-advised by Mark Carr and Elliot Hazen, I am considering projects that range from basic marine ecology (e.g. trophodynamics of the California Current) to applied fisheries science (e.g. multi-species dynamics models). I look forward to developing collaborative projects within the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ocean Sciences, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics departments as well as within the Southwest Fisheries Science Center’s (SWFSC) Environmental Research Division (ERD) and the Fisheries Ecology Division (FED) at Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz, respectively.

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