Freshwater habitats range from small ephemeral ponds and streams to continental rivers and inland seas. Even though free flowing and standing freshwaters comprise less than 1% of the world’s water, they support greater than 41% of all fish diversity. Furthermore, most civilizations are adjacent to bodies of freshwater giving rise to direct conservation implications for these diverse systems.

The majority of freshwater ecology in our lab is conducted by our graduate students who are funded by the National Marine Fisheries Service Santa Cruz Lab here at the Coastal Science Campus at UCSC.  These students almost always work on aspects of ecology and evolution of salmonids.  Because NMFS researchers support our students, it is best to contact them directly to inquire about possibilities with them. At NMFS, you should contact Drs. Eric Danner, Sean Hayes, and Devon Pearse.  They may be able to direct you to others at the NMFS lab interested in sponsoring graduate students.  Also, you should contact  Dr. Eric Palkovacs in our department (EEB).