Independent Research:

Small Mammal Undergrad Research in the Forest (SMURF) is an undergraduate internship program that trains students in small mammal (rodent) trapping, handling, and data collection techniques. Our year-long independent research program is targeted towards students interested in conducting their own research project with small mammals. More information about this year-long course can be found here.

Summer Course:

This summer, SMURF will be offering a 2-unit course to students interested in gaining experience working with small mammals and conducting field-based research. The SMURF summer course is an introduction to the natural history of local small mammals and introduces interns to field-based research working with small mammals (rodents). Interns will meet once a week for classroom instruction and participate in two field trapping sessions during the summer. Small mammal trapping will consist of 3 consecutive-day small mammal trapping sessions at the UCSC Forest Research Ecology Plot (FERP) and Fort Ord National Monument. This internship is perfect for undergraduates interested in field-based research and gaining skills for working with rodents. Interested students may also have the opportunity to conduct independent research through the SMURF year-long independent research program.

Internship credit is available for both ENVS and EEB departments. To apply to either the year-long independent research program and/or the summer course, please fill out this application and email it to Tina Cheng (