RC grad Monica Moritsch wins award for science dance video

When she’s not up to her ankles in a tidepool doing research, Monica likes to swing dance. This year she combined her interest in marine biology and dancing to choreograph and film a video for the Dance Your PhD contest by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The task was to describe dissertation research through a short dance. A panel of scientists then assessed the video for how well it communicated the details of the research and how it combined art and science. Of the 53 videos submitted this year, they picked 12 finalists for the public to vote on, and one of them was Monica’s video.

Monica edged out the competition for videos in the biology category and won the People’s Choice Award for Biology.

Of course, she did not make the video alone. Many other students from the RC lab and Long Marine Lab participated in the video as dancers or by helping with editing. Monica thought the choreography and video production process was a fun way to introduce friends to her research and give them a peak at how she spends her spare time. Regardless of who wins, Monica is thrilled with how the video turned out and is excited to have gotten as far as the finals.