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Coastal Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

New paper out on the importance of long-term ecological research

Together with the Lubchenco/Menge Lab of Oregon State University, we just published a BioScience paper on the importance of long-term ecological research for both advancing the field of ecology and informing policy. You can access the paper here, and check out our press release for more information: http://news.ucsc.edu/2017/03/long-term-studies.html

RC Grad student Monica Moritsch featured in Hakai Magazine

Mass mortalities of sea stars from Sea Star Wasting Syndrome have resulted in major reductions of the ochre star Pisaster ochraceus, a keystone predator. Monica investigates what happens to the intertidal community this sea star is not present to eat mussels, its favored prey. https://www.hakaimagazine.com/video/no-sea-stars-mussel-beach

Raimondi-Carr Lab visits Mar Vista Elementary School

The RC Lab’s famous kelp forest made another appearance! This time at Mar Vista Elementary School. The kelp forest (which we pair with underwater video of actual monitoring transects) gives the students an idea of what marine surveys actually entail. In the lesson we’ve developed over the last several years, […]