Funding Opportunities for Students

This table consists of various sources for graduate funding.

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System: terrestrial, marine, freshwater
Group: women, diver
Level: Masters, PhD, post-doc
Money for: research, stipend, travel

Funding opportunityGroupLevelSystem$ for whatDeadline
Achievement Award for College Scientists (ARCS)womenPhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, stipend, travel
American Association for Underwater Sciences (AAUS)diverMasters, PhDmarineresearch, travelJune 30
American Association of University Women (AAUW)womenMasters, PhD, post-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, stipend, travelNov 15, Dec 15, Jan 15
Lerner Gray Fund for Marine Research: American Museum of Natural History Masters, PhDmarineresearchMarch 15
Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Educational Awards womenMasters, PhD, post-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travel
British Ecological Society (BES) Masters, PhD, post-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travel
California Native Plant Society (CNPS)Masters, PhDterrestrialresearchFall
California Sea Grant Masters, PhD, post-docmarineresearch, stipend
P.E.O. California State Scholarship womenMasters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchFeb 1
Marine Science Scholarship (Cen Cal Divers) diverMasters, PhDmarineresearch
Dr. Earl H. Myers and Ethel M. Myers Oceanographic and Marine Biology Trust Masters, PhDmarineresearchMarch 30
EPA STAR Masters, PhDmarine, freshwaterstipendNov 27
Ecological Society of America Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travel
Explorer's Club Masters, PhD, post-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchNov
Friends of Long Marine Lab (UCSC) Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchNov 15
Fulbright Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, stipend
GSA Travel Grants (UCSC) Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwatertravelDec 7
Interagency Ecological Program PhDfreshwaterresearch, stipendJune
Marilyn C. Davis Scholarship for Re-entry Women Majoring in Natural Sciences womenMasters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch
Mathias Grant for UC Reserves/Mathias Graduate Research Grants Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchOct 7
Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grants in Marine Environmental History and Historical Marine Ecology Masters, PhD, post-docmarineresearchApril 1
Nancy Foster Fellowship Masters, PhDmarinestipendOct 22
NASA GRSP FellowshipMasters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendFeb
National Defense Science and Engineering Grant (NDSEG) PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendDec 14
National Estuarine Research Reserve GRF Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendNov 1
National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendNov 19
National Science Foundation (NSF) Dissertation Improvement GrantPhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendNov 8
NOAA Office of Educational Graduate Sciences Program Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendJan
Phycological Society of America (PSA) Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travel
Professional Association for Diving Instructors (PADI) diverMasters, PhDmarineresearchFeb 1
SCWIBLES NSF GK-12 Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipend
Sigma Delta Epsilon, Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) womenMasters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchJan 15
Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travelMarch 15, October 15
Smithsonian Institute Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendJan 15
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, travel
Switzer Environmental Fellowship Masters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterstipendJan 10
David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship post-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, stipend, travel
Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) Dissertation Fellowship PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch, stipend, travel
L'Oreal For Women in Sciencewomenpost-docterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearch
CenTREAD Tropical Research GrantsMasters, PhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterresearchApril
Women's Divers Hall of Fame Inc.: Oceanic Research Group Marine Scholarship diverMasters, PhDmarineresearchOct 1
The Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field ResearchPhDterrestrial, marine, freshwaterfield research, travelFeb 1