Graduate Courses

Scientific Skills (BIOE 200A)
Instructor: Carr

A course for first year EEB graduate students to provide them with training in skills critical to their graduate and post-graduate professional development. Topics covered by the course include the writing of grant proposals, teaching skills, scientific communication, working with course and lab web sites, and scientific ethics.




Topics in Marine Ecology/Evolutionary Biology (BIOE 281A)
Instructors: Raimondi, Carr

The weekly lab meeting of the Raimondi-Carr Lab where we discuss a wide range of topics in marine ecology.






Experimental Design and Analysis for Biologists (BIOE286/L)
Instructor: Raimondi

A lecture and lab course to teach graduate students basic experimental design, exploratory data analysis (from a graphical perspective), stats from t-tests to multivariate analyses (MDS, MANOVA, PCA), and graphical theory.





Facilitating Change in Coastal Science and Policy (BIOE 269)
Instructors: Carr, Kroeker

Facilitating Change in Coastal Science and Policy is a skills-based course in effective leadership and communication, including stakeholder engagement, facilitation, conflict resolution, team building, and introduction to project management. Communication training includes identifying audiences and objectives (public, philanthropy, policymakers, managers, scientist practitioners) and leveraging non-traditional communication platforms. Participants include senior graduate students from ALL UCSC graduate programs who are at a stage in their graduate career to begin communicating with non-academic audiences.