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Postdoctoral Position: Investigation of Synaptic Mechanisms for Learning and Memory

January 31, 2014

We are seeking talented postdoctoral researchers to join our research team for the investigation of synaptic mechanisms underlying learning and memory, particularly in the motor system. Our lab employs a combination molecular genetics, multiphoton imaging and behavioral assays to understand how synaptic connectivity of the defined neuronal circuit changes to encode motor information and also to explore the molecular mechanism of synapse plasticity. In addition to instrumentation in the laboratory itself, fellows can take advantage of numerous core research facilities, including those for light microscopy, bioinformatics, cytometry, sequencing, and transgenic and ES cell technologies.

Candidates for the postdoctoral position should be recent recipients of a doctoral degree in the life sciences, biomedical engineering, physics or chemistry. Experience in neuroscience, mouse genetics, or viral research is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will enjoy intramural research support from the University of California Santa Cruz, which offers a highly competitive compensation package that includes full medical, dental and vision insurance plans. Salary is commensurate with qualification, level of experience and expertise.

Please send resume and letters of reference to Dr. Yi Zuo (yizuo@ucsc.edu)



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