Zuo Laboratory, MCD Biology, UCSC  


Members of the Zuo Lab

The Zuo lab is located in the Sinsheimer Laboratories Building in Room 119. Our lab phone number is (831) 459-3025

Yi Zuo, Asso. Prof. of MCD Biology
Email: yizuo@ucsc.edu
Tel.: (831) 459.3812
Office: 120 Sinsheimer

Postdoctoral Fellow, at New York University and the
   Univeristy of Texas at Austin
Ph.D., Northwestern University
B.S., Tsinghua University

Jenny Hodges, Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: jlhodges@ucsc.edu

Eric Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: cchen98@ucsc.edu

Caitlin Moyer, Postdoctral Fellow
Email: cemoyer@ucsc.edu

Ju Lu, Project Scientist
Email: jlu39@ucsc.edu
Shaorong Ma, Postdoctral Fellow
Email: mashaorong@ucsc.edu
Michelle Tjia, PhD student
Email: mtjia@ucsc.edu
Jay Perna, PhD student
Email: jay.perna@gmail.com




Alumni of the Zuo Lab

Tonghui Xu (2007-2009 postdoc), Current position: Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Willie Tobin (2007-2010 Lab tech), Current position: PhD student, Harvard University

Andrew Perlik (2007-2012 Volunteer and Lab Manager), Current position: restaurant manager

Aerie Lin (2008-2010 postdoc), Current position: law school

Jonathan Zweig (2008-2011 Undegraduate and Lab tech), Current position: Research Assistant, OHSU School of Medicine

Min Fu (2009-2012 postdoc), Current position: Postdoc, UT Austin

Denise Garcia (2010-2013 postdoc), Current position: Assistant Professor, Drexel University

Xinzhu Yu (2007-2014 graduate student/postdoc), Current position: Postdoc, UCLA




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